Our Journey Begins: North Island, New Zealand

July 4, 2016
Piha Beach, NZ // thegadaboutaz.com

With nearly a month in New Zealand, it was hard to know just where to start.  Each island is different in so many ways.  What to see first and when?  In the end, we decided to work logically by starting all the way north (well, almost) on North Island and working our way south.  And since international flights land in Auckland, on the North Island, it really seemed to make a lot of sense to stick with this plan. Continue Reading

Mooney Falls, Havasupai Falls Arizona

Oasis in the Desert: Havasupai Falls

June 15, 2016

When people think of Arizona, they usually think of spartan land dotted with cacti and perhaps an occasional tumbleweed.  Sometimes they remember its the home of the Grand Canyon.  But what they may not realize is Arizona…

Sunset Cliffs San Diego

Sunshine & Coastlines: San Diego

June 2, 2016

When my husband asked if I wanted to tag along for a conference trip to San Diego, I didn’t hesitate for a second!  I’ve visited a few times and San Diego has always been an enjoyable…

Whites Beach North Island, New Zealand

Visiting Middle Earth: New Zealand

May 20, 2016

When we decided to move from North Carolina back to Phoenix, we had nearly two months before starting our new jobs.  Of course, I saw this as a huge opportunity to plan an epic adventure!  Where…

Los Angeles

Not So Touristy: Los Angeles

May 11, 2016

This past weekend I was in Los Angeles (LA) for the Create + Cultivate Conference.  This wasn’t my first time in LA, so this trip wasn’t about doing all those “must do” touristy things.  Been there,…

Bled Slovenia

Fresh & Clean: Slovenia

May 1, 2016

To think I nearly missed this place!  I was busy planning a trip to Croatia that included day trips to Montenegro & Bosnia.  I thought I was all set.  That is, until I read a snippet…

Mostar Bosnia

A Stark Contrast: Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

April 30, 2016

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina:  Probably the most frequented city in Bosnia-Herzegovina by tourists.  In fact, it’s probably the only real stop the majority of tourists make here.  And more than likely, if you are visiting Mostar, it’s as…

Kotor Montenegro

Tiny But Mighty: Montenegro

April 30, 2016

    Sometimes I feel like my trips are really more like reconnaissance missions.  I have a short amount of time to scout things out & almost always leave thinking “I am going to have to…


Coastlines & Old World Charm: Croatia

April 18, 2016

Croatia has been on what I call my “short” bucket list for some time (because I have a short list & an insanely long one).  Even before the Game of Thrones craze (P.S. I am totally…

Turks & Caicos

Pressing the reset button: Turks & Caicos

April 5, 2016

After a year of craziness at our house (move across country-again, new jobs, new house, major remodel…you get the picture), we decided we wanted to take a truly relaxing vacation.  Like a do nothing type of…