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Create + Cultivate (DTLA)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Create + Cultivate conference held in LA.  I have never been to an event quite like this before, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  In short, Create + Cultivate is an online/offline creative platform meant to aid and inspire female entrepreneurs.  Since I am new to blogging, I thought it might be great conference for me to gain direction, education, and inspiration.  Making a few connections wouldn’t hurt, either.

Create Cultivate



Overall, this conference is a jam packed day with tons of activities, seminars, and workshops.  If you do not choose the VIP option, you are randomly assigned a track (there are 2) and two mentors.  I was in track 2, which seemed to have an emphasis on blogging, social media, fashion, and beauty.  My mentors included Erin Condren and Mara Ferreira (creator of MlovesM.com)-both were great.  I also met Emily Henderson in the hallway…HUGE fan!  After one of the panels, I even chatted a few minutes with Taylor Sterling of Glitterguide (love that site!).  The keynote speakers were Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and Chelsea Handler…all of which were amazing and inspiring-truly!

Create Cultivate

I am a detail oriented person.  I notice the little things the majority of people don’t.  Whoever planned this event is also a details person, to be sure!  Everywhere you looked there were little details, from signage to decor, that helped set this conference apart from any other I’ve attended.  There were little “moments” and thoughtful gestures (snacks in the elevator?  Yes, please!) sprinkled everywhere.  And the goody bag?  WOW!  So above and beyond anything I ever expected.  Just loads of cool stuff & generous coupons for items I saw during the conference I was interested in shopping for afterwards (Love Bobeau & Emu Australia, to name a few).  And by no means did I expect the food to be so good (and pretty!).  Definitely impressed.

Create Cultivate

While I didn’t leave with the magic key to be truly successful, I left with a lot of tips, inspiration, and ideas.  Additionally, I met some really nice ladies I hope to keep in touch with.  I would say if you are in the fashion, beauty, or social media arena, this conference is definitely for you.  Have more questions?  Feel free to get in touch:)



Going Green with Beauty

By now, we’ve probably all heard at least a little something about all the harmful chemicals used in products we use everyday, including our lotions & makeup.  It all certainly sounds scary!  But, I definitely wanted to avoid going overboard and just throw away every single piece of makeup and all my products all at once-that’s a lot of money!  So I have been slowly searching for “green” alternatives for products as my current product runs out.  But it can get expensive to keep buying new products, especially if it turns out that product really doesn’t work for you and now you need to purchase something else.  Well, I think I have found a few solutions I thought I would share with you.

art of organics

Discovery no. 1:  The Art of Organics monthly boxes.  You can subscribe for a monthly box ($38) or simply buy one that interests you on an individual basis.  Unlike some other beauty boxes, at least one full size item along with a large sample of a few other products are included in each box.  Each product is described in detail with instructions.  Did I mention how beautifully wrapped these boxes come?  Happy Birthday to me!  I have gotten two boxes so far and have been impressed with the quality of the products and totally satisfied with the sample sizes.  I do feel I really get enough of the product to see if I am going to like it.  And you are getting some bang for your buck.  Many times, the full size item alone costs more than what you paid for the whole box.  I have rosacea and my skin is super sensitive, so I love being able to sample prior to purchase so I don’t waste my money.  This a great way to sample some quality “green” products to see what works for you.

There are a few other subscriptions you may want to check out (with varying price points):  Petit Vour, Goodebox, VeganCuts

tata harper

Discovery no. 2:  If you live in Phoenix, I have discovered a cute little shop specializing in all things “green” beauty.  It’s called Citrine Natural Beauty Bar.  It is locally owned and operated and they have really knowledgeable staff available to help you.  I found this place on Instagram when they announced a makeup application workshop.  I always feel like I can use a tip or two with makeup application, so I signed up.  I found the workshop to be informative and we got some nice goodies to take home as well.  I did end up purchasing a few items to try and so far, so good!  Even if you are not interested in taking one of their workshops, I recommended stopping by for any of your skin care or makeup needs.



Watercolors with Pink Puddle Studios

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend a watercolor workshop with Pink Puddle Studio.  The only painting I’ve ever done are the walls in my house or one of those “wine + paint” type classes.  I am always up for any opportunity to tap into my creative side…maybe I’ve got some undiscovered talent?!?  At the very least, it’s always fun to try something new, right?

The class was held at Vida Moulin, which is a really cute shop you should check out if you haven’t (shop local!).  The set up was nice and bright (I liked being surrounded by all the pretty clothes and home décor).  They even served lemonade and champagne.  Who can’t use some bubbly for a little inspiration?  Rachel, the owner of Pink Puddle Studio had her easel set up at the front of the class for demos, but she always walked around and did individual instruction and demo throughout class.  We worked in stages, first trying our hand at flower petals before moving on to leaves and foliage.  We learned basic techniques such as mixing our colors with water, together, and how to hold our brushes.

At last, it was time to begin our masterpieces.  While I think everyone mimicked Rachel’s example, you could do whatever you pleased.  It was really interesting to learn how to blend and layer our colors to (try to) create a beautiful painting.  Turns out, I am no Monet!  But, I did learn enough in the class to make me feel confident to keep practicing.  Perhaps my paintings will never hang on anyone’s walls but my own, but I think I may have found yet another hobby:)

Painting Collage

Pink Puddle Studios frequently hosts workshops throughout the Valley.  Check out her website (linked above) for more information.  Vida Moulin announced they plan to offer a variety of workshops/events at their store in the future.  I plan to keep my eye out for those.

Have you taken any classes you’ve absolutely loved?  Did what you learn turn into more than a hobby?